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Dynalivery develops & sells software for printing electronic documents over the Internet.

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Delivering Scalable Enterprise Reporting With The Web Portal Server Of Your Choice
Harmoni (formerly Parallel Crystal) automates Microsoft Windows desktop applications for high throughput printing. Customers worldwide use it for merging database rows into formatted templates, rendering PDF, and delivering it over the web. According to recent tests, Harmoni can print over 1,000,000 PDF pages/day on a dual Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz server. Harmoni automates Microsoft Word (10), Mozilla Gecko, and Crystal Reports (7/9) with planned support for Crystal Reports 11, Microsoft Excel, and others. Harmoni is controllable from clients (middle-tiers) based on Java (WebLogic WebSphere, JBoss), .net (C#, ASP.net), and COM (Visual Basic, ASP). The Harmoni framework supports load balancing, failover, and job priority queues. The list price of Harmoni is USD 12,500 per processor; minimum order of 2 processors.
Saffron is the all-Java back-end of Harmoni. It is separately licensable to OEMs and end-user customers. It transforms PostScript, WordML, XSL-FO, and Java2D (selectable printer interface) to PDF, HTML, RTF, SVG, PNG, and JPEG. An Appliance version is planned for Fall 2005 with a suggested price of USD 12,000. It will have an Intel Pentium D (dual core) processor and Microsoft Windows XP Pro.

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